ALAVO - Customising The Washroom Design

What is ALAVO?

Over four years ago Dolphin launched the revolutionary wash wall system called ALAVO. A modular, touch-free, behind-mirror handwash system keeping taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers concealed behind a back-lit mirror above the wash basin. By saving space, minimising water and reducing queues this wash wall system benefited every user in the process from design to purchase, contract and installation, facility management and the washroom user.

By saving on space the landlord/ developer can increase the lettable floor area. Architects can shake off design restriction and be endlessly creative with this hugely customisable system. Contractors can enjoy a modular system built offsite. Facilities teams can enjoy an easy to service unit with easy to access consumables. And the washroom user? – They get to enjoy an inspirational, beautiful design in the washroom making for safe, pleasant and comfortable use.

That was then. Two years later we have listened to the market, assessed the trends and liaised with designers and developers to keep developing this customisable system to fulfil all requirements for the modern washrooms of today.

What does ALAVO offer to the market now?

  • ALAVO Customisation Tool

  • ALAVO ‘Supaloo’

  • Wash Troughs

  • Through Mirror Lighting

  • Halo Lighting

  • Mirror Edging

  • Square Mirrors

  • InForm Tap

  • Floating Tap

How Customisable is ALAVO?

ALAVO is so customisable that the demand for different numbers of washstations, lighting options and differences in behind mirror accessories meant we needed to offer more. Launched in September 2018 we now have our Configure Online tool which enables the online customisation of our modular ALAVO system. It allows you to create bespoke designs using the interactive form, with the software building, outputting and sending drawings directly to you.

The system will then automate a unique system number to you, so that if you require an ALAVO quotation, one of our dedicated ALAVO specialists with talk you through the pricing of your newly built design.