Creating washrooms, reception areas, staircases and bespoke solid surface products for commercial buildings is a core part of what we do, and we do it very well. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with the commercial sector and all the challenges and rewards that go with it. Our team, from account managers to designers, fabricators and installers all understand the needs and requirements of commercial buildings and organisations. Whether this means sticking to rigid time frames, working around and alongside other contractors and project timelines or simply making sure everything is done right first time they have it covered.

We work with a number of different solid surface manufacturers including DuPont who we are licensed by to fabricate and supply Corian which is probably the most well known. Corian is durable, it can be fabricated to fit almost any design brief and in a wide range of colours.

Our commercial solid surface products include:

Solid Surface Wash Troughs

Solid surface wash troughs can turn a bathroom into somewhere that not only looks stunning and gives a great account of any business or commercial building but that also copes with high levels of use and is easy to clean and maintain.

Solid Surface Receptions Desks and Countertops

There is no doubt receptions desks get a lot of use and often abuse. They need to be able to cope with this but do so while also maintaining their original look and finish. A worn reception desk doesn’t speak very well of the business behind it. Solid surface and specifically Corian reception desks are highly durable but due to the nature of the material they can also be fabricated in any design and a wide range of finishes and colours too.

A solid surface reception desk can be fabricated by our team to meet any design and make whatever impression a commercial building needs to.

Solid Surface Staircases

Once again, when it comes to commercial buildings certain areas see more wear than others and staircases can see a great deal. The durability of Corian and other solid surfaces make it an ideal material choice for any commercial staircase. Our skilled team of Corian and solid surface fabricators can create a range of different staircase types to order including turned stairs, spiral, free-standing, zig-zag and more.

Solid Surface Cladding

Solid surfaces like Corian allow for almost any internal cladding design to be fabricated. Our skilled team can create panels, interior architecture, partitions and more. When creating a new commercial interior environment we can help foster the right sense and feeling within the space through Corian cladding and other products like castings and even shop fronts.

Bespoke Products

Because of how flexible solid surface materials like Corian are the only limitation when it comes to design is imagination. Our solid surface fabricators and designers can create a solid surface product to almost any design brief.