Solid surface is only limited by one’s imagination, and if you have imagined it, we want to build it. Choosing Corian® solid surface to create your vision means you’ll benefit from the flexibility of 3D thermoforming, allowing limitless size and shape of product whilst being seamlessly constructed, as well as hundreds of colour options being available across a range of material suppliers. Your product designs can also be enhanced through detailing and finishing possibilities, again which are limitless thanks to solid surface’s unique characteristics.

With over 20 years experience in solid surface fabricating, our team of expert engineers will work with your designers to deliver on your project specification, with the sole focus of creating a seamless, visually impactful product that will stand the test of time. We love to collaborate with designers who share our love of inspirational and sustainable interiors.

Corian® Signs

Corian® Signs are the perfect example of a bespoke solid surface product. As a material Corian is perfect for business signs because of the fact it can be fabricated into any shape and size. But it can also be layered using different colours to give a three dimensional effect. As well as this it is resistant to bright light so wont fade in sunlight or under the glare of large light systems in airports and shopping centres. It is also weather proof so won’t warp and crack like other materials.

Corian® is a superb material for routing and engraving, its consistent quality and high density enables an exceptional level of detail to be reproduced, Corian® can also be easily be glued using the special Corian® adhesive.

Being virtually inert, Corian® can be combined with other materials to create interesting effects for a range of sign designs and ideas. The rise of brass and stainless steel inlaid into Corian® being particularly effective in producing prestigious signs. Applications include fabrication of larger sheets and returns to increase the apparent sheet thickness and combining one or more colours of Corian® for example Corian® letters on a contrasting background. Engraved or routed areas can easily be filled with screen printing inks to achieve different colour combinations as required. Alternatively routed areas can be filled with coloured acrylic medium. This gives a smooth but durable finish and assists with cleaning.

If you would like to discuss some of your design ideas and requirements for a business sign please get in touch, the possibilities are almost limitless! We can also produce large numbers of signs for multiple branch and location businesses.

Other Bespoke Solid Surface Projects

Browse our case studies to see how we have worked with interior designers and architects to create stunning pieces of interior architecture to enhance a space; be that a commercial office with a bespoke reception desk, staircase, interior cladding or a vanity wash trough for their washroom, or in residential builds, kitchen worktops, wash basins and wet rooms. Be inspired, and bring your vision to life in solid surface.

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