Reception desks and countertops get a lot of use and have to be able to work hard and still look perfect. Corian® and other solid surface materials are perfect for hard working surfaces because they are non-porous, easy to clean and tough. But perhaps more importantly they can be fabricated into almost any shape and size and with a massive range of colour options they really are perfect for any kind of reception desk or countertop.

Corian® Reception Desk

A reception desk has multiple jobs to do. Most importantly it need to look amazing and uphold the brand quality. It is often the first thing a visitor will notice and plays a very strong role in making a good impression on clients and guests. But it also has to work very hard with deliveries, coffee cups, sign-in books and all the other every day pressures of a busy business. There are a lot of different material choices but a Corian® reception desk will out last them all. The colours will not fade, it is durable and can be fabricated to meet almost any design brief. Just as we create Corian® signs we are able to layer colours to match brand logos and more. Other solid surface choices are equally as durable and flexible in terms of design.

Corian® Countertops

There are many applications for commercial and domestic Corian® countertops. Surfaces that get huge amounts of use in a business can be work areas, catering or break room areas or simply surfaces that see high traffic in some form or another. The durability of Corian® and other solid surfaces mean these areas can look good, be easy to clean, be resistant to bacterial growth and can be fabricated to meet any design requirements.

Create something that will leave a lasting impression and inspire users for years to come. Set yourself apart from other businesses with a bespoke piece that will meet all your needs and more. With our hands-on team and excellent relationship with Corian® (Du Pont), we will be able to work with you to create a custom-made design and produce something truly unique.

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