Solid surface is a man-made material composed of a combination of natural minerals, acrylic, polyester resins and pigments. Its key benefits are that it is non-porous, won’t stain and can be thermoformed and fabricated to achieve seamless surfaces in limitless shapes and sizes.

As an impermeable material, it does not allow water or liquid to pass through it and sections can be joined together seamlessly, eliminating areas for water to gather and stagnate, inhibiting bacteria and microbial growth, making it the perfect choice of material for kitchen worktops, wash room vanity troughs and other applications requiring high standards of hygiene such as hospitals, care homes, schools and offices.

Other solid surface benefits include durability - it has an exceptionally long life compared to other surface materials, and is easy to clean and maintain therefore becoming very cost effective. It’s also known for its ease of installation, demolition and replacement with non-toxic/non-allergenic/environmentally friendly components.

There is also the creative benefit of using solid surface with its limitless customisability and finish options. Solid surface is fast becoming the material of choice for building owners and designers due to the versatility of the material, combined with longevity, durability and renewability.

As market leading engineers in solid surface fabrications, we have an excellent working relationship with the leading brand, Corian® (Du Pont).

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