.Solid surface materials like Corian® and Hi-Macs work perfectly in bathrooms and wetrooms. They can be fabricated into any configuration and design and allow for seamless bathroom surfaces which reduce the need for cleaning, reduce mould and bacterial growth as well as water loss. They also look effortlessly smooth and simple. Solid surface shower trays, sinks, vanity basins and baths work in perfect harmony with other materials or as part of a larger solid surface room.

Materials and Properties

The range of materials are now used in bathroom design has increased hugely over the last 20 years. Solid surface has become more and more popular as it provides exceptional hygienic properties, durability and strength. The material colour runs all the way through and it can also be fabricated into limitless shapes, which creates great design flexibility. Corian® and other solid surface wet rooms, shower trays and bathrooms can be created to your specific designs or we can use product templates to help create the commercial or residential wash space you are looking for. 

Eco Friendly

Reducing water consumption and conforming to environmental considerations are key factors in today’s designs. The installation of bespoke Corian® baths, showers or both depending on the facility, allow you to specify and create different shapes and heights to hold less water, without compromising the user experience.

All solid surface joints are thermoformed and totally seamless. As solid surface fabricators we are able to offer a 20 year guarantee on all our products. This means not only do you get the design you want that can be created to fit any space, but you never have to worry about leaks and water ingress.

Corian® Shower Trays

Corian® is a very popular material for creating shower trays. It is available in a wide range of colour, is very durable and heat resistant and allows for seamless bathroom design for the floor to ceiling look. It can also flex slightly meaning it’s perfect for boats and buildings that may need to move slightly like new builds or very old properties.

Corian® Wash Basins

Once again, the seamless nature of Corian® means wash basins can be created as part of the larger bathroom without the need for any seams that need sealing. The colours and options in terms of shape and design are vast too. So Corian® can be used for his and hers sinks, large troughs, small unusually shaped basins and more.

Corian® Wetrooms

The popularity of the full wetroom is always increasing. This single washing space is as perfect for families as it is for many other applications like boats or luxury apartments. The Corian® can be fabricated to fit the space rather than trying to cut a product to meet a specific need. This means any size of shape of room can be turned into a wetroom using Corian®. Once again, the seamless nature of solid surfaces like Hi-Macs and Corian® mean reduced cleaning, water loss, and mould build up.  

Corian® Baths

As with all other Corian® and Solid surface bathroom products a Corian® bath can not only look stunning and be made to meet any design brief it can also be intergrated into surrounding surfaces seamlessly. This means no grout or sealant and no water ingress. mould or damp issues and a very easy to clean bathroom space. The flexibility in design can mean the bath of your dreams to fit your own requirements in size and shape as well as colour.

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